IMG_6586I was born and raised in Chicago. Growing up I always had a help mentality, I’ve always wanted to help those in need. In a city with so much violence, crime, and a high poverty rate, I turned to music to get away from all of the negativity. As time went on I began to realize that, that wasn’t what I wanted for myself anymore. I quickly began to see that the business aspect of the music/entertainment industry began to intrigue me more.

Through my ups and downs in life I began to realize things I’m good at, and things that I am trying to get better at. My greatest strengths are my work ethic, my creativeness, and my ambition to be successful. I have a great work ethic when it comes to things I like or things I am interested in. Most people see creative from an artistic standpoint. When I say I’m creative I mean I think outside the box, I like to make tasks or projects interactive and fun. My ambition comes from me being around a lot of people that didn’t make it. What I mean by that is a lot of people I know either didn’t reach their dreams or a lot of them never got to reach their full potential because their life was ended at an early age.

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